Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Crimson Peak Trailer

Ok I had to post this. It's just past 3 am and I've been cleaning up my apartment and coming back to my computer to rewatch this trailer over and over. I am just in LOVE with it. So dark and sexy. Even hinting at a sex scene with Tom Hiddleston *Loki from Thor* . I've always thought of him as sexy Loki cause of the black hair and a bit of serious side that makes me wanna stop and listen.

Part of me is really trying to analyze the trailer and figure out what might happen because I just can't wait til October. I mean I have to, but I don't want to. But anyway please watch that trailer and really think about the subtle details. He gives a few glares and smiles that turn into serious mode and that makes me go hmmmm? As in maybe he has a motive that we don't know about and he may not be such a nice guy. His sister though gives off a creepy vibe when they show her umm watching the naughty scene take place. Not my cup of tea, but who knows maybe that's just trailer editing. The trailer is below so enjoy cause it!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Not reading as much.

Unfortunately I haven't had much time to read since I have been fighting a sinus infection that keeps coming back each time I get rid of it. About 6 month so far and countless bottles of antibiotics with shots of them and steroids and it just keeps coming back. Gotta love how life goes like that. But anyway reading a new book series on book 3 and will post about it later. Just wanted to throw something out for a friend promised them I would post their new blog. It's wordpress which is not something I am use to reading. Get Paid While Clicking

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Living Dead Girl

Where to begin with Living Dead Girl? It's kind of good. It's not like omg I has to read the whole series. Though I did rent the second book right away cause I was like no do not end now! Ok a little bit about this book. This post will probably end up being silly so bear with me. This 16 year old was dead and woek up a year later at midnight and yeah walks to her best friends house. Ok simple enough she's now alive right? Well she doesn't eat, sleep or eat brainssssssss.

Ok silliness and most random paragraph over now. The main female character is just to young for my taste and just gets on my nerves at times. I do get it though that the girl wants a boyfriend, but if I woke up from the dead the last thing I'd want is to date. Then again I have no chance of like being resurrected after death so who knows. It's just that she's all lovey dovey over two guys and during the first book gets no one. Then again she's to young and I like my books a bit more on the mature side. If you are ok with young adult books which I normally am then this would be good for you. I guess technically it's paranormal romance, but very PG romance which is ok with the age of the character. More like Edward and Bella before marriage pg. *twitches at the thought of Twilight*

If you have Kindle unlimited then I'd suggest get it. If not then you can spend 2.99 and see for yourself.

Ok done with the crazy randomness. Had to much caffeine forgive me!

Friday, November 28, 2014

Reading some of the Prime Series by Susan Sizemore

Been a little busy since Thanksgiving holiday has come and gone so haven't been writing. I have been reading though. I had bought a kindle kind of boxed set of Prime Books. They are written by Susan Sizemore and I have read a few of them before and really enjoyed that taste of naughty with vampires. I was a little concerned about this set since the graphic looks a little goofy, but really glad I got back into reading this author. I wasn't thrilled with each book in this set, but I still enjoyed it and plan on picking up more of her books via kindle. PRIMAL TIME: A New Collection of PRIME and VAMPIRE BOOK CLUB Stories (VAMPIRE PRIMES Series and VAMPIRE BOOK CLUB Series 14)

Sunday, November 16, 2014

What I've just read.

I just got done reading part one of a series. It's about a girl named Lucy Hart. It's a paranormal romance book and I have to say it's nicely written, but very boring at first. I wanted more super hot guy flirting with the girl or something more romantic. It took a while to lead up to the good stuff and didn't take long for the first book to end. That or I just read it super fast which is always a possibility. I had gotten it for free from Kindle and didn't have to sign up for anything other than getting the Kindle Reading App on my computer. I would definitely recommend this book and there is a sequel. Hopefully a third is on the way soon since I'm hesitant at buying the second one and having to wait a while for the third. I tend to want books that have a lot already written so I can just binge read.

So if you want to look into this free book and see if it's to your liking then here is the link. BETTER OFF DEAD: A Lucy Hart, DEATHDEALER Novel

It has vampires, werewolves, zombies and witches so far. Who knows what else lurks in Lucy Hart's world, you'll have to read to find out.

I subscribed to Kindle Unlimited Free Trial

I finally broke down and picked up a free 30 day trial to Kindle Unlimited. Which means that if a Kindle Book is available for free with it I can just rent it for as long as I have the subscription. Unfortunately not all books are set up for it and that's ok because I found an author that I use to read and i'm ecstatic about it. She's a paranormal romance author so I'll be posting about her books next. I have read three books in her series and really found them enjoyable. I was financially strapped for a while and had to curb my book buying habit so lost my chance to pick up more paperbacks, but now I can read her series for free this month. Might even keep my subscription going since it's only 9.99$ a month after the free trial. Not to shabby.

Should you sign up for Kindle Unlimited? Well each person is different and I'd suggest looking into the books you enjoy and see if it's covered. It's free for a month then you can cancel before it ends if you weren't interested in keeping it. Pretty easy to just do it via your account. Sure beats having to call them up and try to cancel. Brings back the old AOL memories. I kept trying to cancel it and the guy on the phone wanted me to repeat a certain phrase before he'd cancel it. Never again have I touched AOL internet after that. Thankfully most companies have it set to online to save time and money from getting phone calls. Also amazon is a pretty awesome place and likes to make it easy on their customers (me and you!).

Hope you enjoyed that little tidbit about Kindle Unlimited. I'll post more updates later as I get through my monthly trial. EDIT: Apparently you can only check out 10 books at a time. Did not realize this, and really it's not that big of an issue, rent and send back what you are done reading and get more.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

I almost feel bad.

Today I was grocery shopping with my dad since that's like our monthly ritual to have time together. So anyway I was in the cereal aisle waiting for these (insert expletive) people to move instead of just chit chatting with each other. I'm usually passive aggressive and won't open my mouth against people because really I wouldn't want someone being nasty to me. Well after the pile up on aisle 6 finally cleared up enough I finally was able to grab a little box of "Omg it's going straight to my thighs" cereal. Yes I'm lazy when it comes to breakfast if I even muster up enough energy to eat it. Ok long story short I looked at my prized box of cereal and noticed a free app with this purchase. A freaking app to play games from buying cereal? Back when I was a kid you got a toy inside your cereal after taking out the plastic bag, inspecting it from all sides and digging your probably unclean hands into the sugary mess that usually left you feeling a little sticky after. Well now they give away apps to kids on some cereals. I can kind of understand the whole not putting toys in cereal since in America we're not allowed to have kinder eggs because of a choking hazard (AKA people are sue happy and will gladly reap the rewards of a possible choking hazard). I'm all for kids safety, but we're kind of coddling them a little to much and not letting parents control what kids have. Ok ok I've ranted enough about that part. The part about feeling bad is below.

I almost feel bad about buying cereal that advertises an app for the Ipad. Yes I've gone to the dark side and use an Ipad for fun. I know I really love to read paperback books and as I've said before I use a kindle app. Then again I did say that I "almost" feel bad. *Evil Grin has been inserted* I do feel good about myself by keeping up to date about things and moving on into the technological world instead of going huh?

How do you feel about kids getting apps instead of toys or have we even forgot that there use to be toys inside the cereal boxes?