Saturday, December 6, 2014

Living Dead Girl

Where to begin with Living Dead Girl? It's kind of good. It's not like omg I has to read the whole series. Though I did rent the second book right away cause I was like no do not end now! Ok a little bit about this book. This post will probably end up being silly so bear with me. This 16 year old was dead and woek up a year later at midnight and yeah walks to her best friends house. Ok simple enough she's now alive right? Well she doesn't eat, sleep or eat brainssssssss.

Ok silliness and most random paragraph over now. The main female character is just to young for my taste and just gets on my nerves at times. I do get it though that the girl wants a boyfriend, but if I woke up from the dead the last thing I'd want is to date. Then again I have no chance of like being resurrected after death so who knows. It's just that she's all lovey dovey over two guys and during the first book gets no one. Then again she's to young and I like my books a bit more on the mature side. If you are ok with young adult books which I normally am then this would be good for you. I guess technically it's paranormal romance, but very PG romance which is ok with the age of the character. More like Edward and Bella before marriage pg. *twitches at the thought of Twilight*

If you have Kindle unlimited then I'd suggest get it. If not then you can spend 2.99 and see for yourself.

Ok done with the crazy randomness. Had to much caffeine forgive me!

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