Sunday, November 16, 2014

I subscribed to Kindle Unlimited Free Trial

I finally broke down and picked up a free 30 day trial to Kindle Unlimited. Which means that if a Kindle Book is available for free with it I can just rent it for as long as I have the subscription. Unfortunately not all books are set up for it and that's ok because I found an author that I use to read and i'm ecstatic about it. She's a paranormal romance author so I'll be posting about her books next. I have read three books in her series and really found them enjoyable. I was financially strapped for a while and had to curb my book buying habit so lost my chance to pick up more paperbacks, but now I can read her series for free this month. Might even keep my subscription going since it's only 9.99$ a month after the free trial. Not to shabby.

Should you sign up for Kindle Unlimited? Well each person is different and I'd suggest looking into the books you enjoy and see if it's covered. It's free for a month then you can cancel before it ends if you weren't interested in keeping it. Pretty easy to just do it via your account. Sure beats having to call them up and try to cancel. Brings back the old AOL memories. I kept trying to cancel it and the guy on the phone wanted me to repeat a certain phrase before he'd cancel it. Never again have I touched AOL internet after that. Thankfully most companies have it set to online to save time and money from getting phone calls. Also amazon is a pretty awesome place and likes to make it easy on their customers (me and you!).

Hope you enjoyed that little tidbit about Kindle Unlimited. I'll post more updates later as I get through my monthly trial. EDIT: Apparently you can only check out 10 books at a time. Did not realize this, and really it's not that big of an issue, rent and send back what you are done reading and get more.

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