Saturday, November 15, 2014

I almost feel bad.

Today I was grocery shopping with my dad since that's like our monthly ritual to have time together. So anyway I was in the cereal aisle waiting for these (insert expletive) people to move instead of just chit chatting with each other. I'm usually passive aggressive and won't open my mouth against people because really I wouldn't want someone being nasty to me. Well after the pile up on aisle 6 finally cleared up enough I finally was able to grab a little box of "Omg it's going straight to my thighs" cereal. Yes I'm lazy when it comes to breakfast if I even muster up enough energy to eat it. Ok long story short I looked at my prized box of cereal and noticed a free app with this purchase. A freaking app to play games from buying cereal? Back when I was a kid you got a toy inside your cereal after taking out the plastic bag, inspecting it from all sides and digging your probably unclean hands into the sugary mess that usually left you feeling a little sticky after. Well now they give away apps to kids on some cereals. I can kind of understand the whole not putting toys in cereal since in America we're not allowed to have kinder eggs because of a choking hazard (AKA people are sue happy and will gladly reap the rewards of a possible choking hazard). I'm all for kids safety, but we're kind of coddling them a little to much and not letting parents control what kids have. Ok ok I've ranted enough about that part. The part about feeling bad is below.

I almost feel bad about buying cereal that advertises an app for the Ipad. Yes I've gone to the dark side and use an Ipad for fun. I know I really love to read paperback books and as I've said before I use a kindle app. Then again I did say that I "almost" feel bad. *Evil Grin has been inserted* I do feel good about myself by keeping up to date about things and moving on into the technological world instead of going huh?

How do you feel about kids getting apps instead of toys or have we even forgot that there use to be toys inside the cereal boxes?

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